Download the APP and Install

System:Android, iOS

Scan the QR code on the right to download; or search “LedArt” in Google Play Store; iPhone search “LedArt” in the APP Store.


Wi-Fi connection

Turn off the mobile data/ Bluetooth of the phone, turn on the WLAN in the phone setting, and connect to card’s Wi-Fi.


Check if the device is online

Asshown, click "Device", you can see the device information indicating that the device is online.

Create new screen (program)

Click the “program”→“new display”→select the device→“add”→setthe width and height of screen→select the color→select the graylevel→“OK”

Edit and send the program

Afterthe program is sent, if the screen shows normal, then don’t need donext step(Hardware setting).

Hardware setting

Click“Device”→“Hardwaresetting”,password is 888→select the configuration file→“OK”

The third step, if do not know which scan need to choose,please check the list of Configuration file of module.

Data-H is the Data polarity is high and L is low, OE-L is the OE polarity islow and H is high.


1) If black text on a red background, the data polarity is set inreverse;

2) If the text is dark, the OE polarity is set inreverse;

3) If the configuration file don’t work, please do smart setting.


How to add multiple programs?

Exitprogram editing, return to the program list, add multiple programs,and edit the programs before sending them together.

What should we do if forget the Wi-Fipassword?

1) If the controller’s firmware is V4.24 or above, when the controller is powered on, long press the button (S1) for 10 seconds, the password will be restored to the default 88888888;

2) If the firmware of the controller is below V4.24, need to reset the controller, the steps are as follows:
Step1.Power off the controller and find the button (S1);
Step2.Press and hold the button, and power on the
controller (Do not lose the button);
Step3.After power on for 10 seconds, release the button.The password will be restored to the default 88888888, but the screen parameters may also be modified.

How to set the text to be displayed onmultiple lines?

Bydefault, the text will be automatically adjusted following the textarea. Only need to modify it to a fixed fontsize to display multiple lines.

How to set text rotation?

Inthe lower part of software, press and swipe up to find "Textrotation" setting. Then choose the rotation degrees you want.

How to set partition display?

Click "+" to add a new text area, and hold the blue mark dots ""and ""in the analog display area. Then drag it to zoom in or out the area.Hold the area and move to adjust it's position.

When Wi-Fi connected but no device online, howto do?
  1. Turn off mobile data, Bluetooth, VPN and so on;

  2. When Wi-Fi is connected and there is a message from your phone: Current WLAN cannot access the Internet and there are other WLAN networks can be connected normally, do you want to switch? Choose "Keep".

User manual suitable for single color LED Wi-Fi control card.

Single  Color LED Wi-Fi Controller

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