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Wi-Fi Control Solution

Wi-Fi control solution is mean we can use laptop, mobile phone and like this mobile terminal equipment upgrade LED screen program after connection to the  controller by Wi-Fi.

Solution diagram

Wi-Fi module: AP mode

The Wi-Fi module is installed on the control card, and the wireless Wi-Fi signal can be detected after the control card working.

Wi-Fi module: Station mode

Mobile phone, Laptop, etc. and the Wi-Fi controller connect to the same wireless router.

Router: Old screen transformation

The LED controller connection to the wireless router by network cable, the laptop, mobile phone, etc. connection to the same router by wireless.

Mobile APP-“LedArt”

LedArt" is an APP software that supports single-dual color and full color for Wi-Fi mobile phone control. Users can edit and send programs on the APP, “LedArt” support setting single-dual color Wi-Fi control cards parameters.
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Solution features


Application scenario

Wi-Fi Control Solution.pdf

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