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Question 2 The screen garbled

1. The scanned file is incorrect and need to be re- set(do smart setting).

2. The program size is incorrect, or the effective width is too small.
QQ截图20190905114044.png   QQ截图20190905144307.png
1) [Settings] → [Screen  setting], after modifying the screen size, send the program;
2) [Settings] → [Hardware Settings] → [Receive Card Parameters], modify the "Refresh Rate", "Grayscale", "Priority Mode", etc., so that the value on the right side of the box information in the lower right corner is larger than the left side, and then send it.

3. Use the wrong HUB board, such as the HUB75 for the module of HUB08 interface.

4. The color bar appears on the screen, and the HUB75B-10 should be selected or not.
If you use the HUB board of 5/10 interfaces ,such as HUB75E-5/HUB75E-10/C15C/C35C, select the HUB75B-10 ( [Hardware Settings] → [Receive Card Parameters] → [HUB Settings]); if HUB75B-8, 8 port , can not be selected.

5. The right side of the screen shows normal, but have noise in the left side of the screen , you need to set lower the clock frequency in hardware setting.

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