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Question 1 No device be found!

1.Check the network icon on your computer. If "×" appears(as shown below)


Possible causes,

1) Check the control card is functioning properly. (The power light should be always on and the running light flashes)

2) Check if plug in the wrong net port. (A30 C10 C30 A60X's output port)

3) Net cable connection is not good.
4) Check if there is a problem with the net cable. (change net cable)

5) check computer network Port drive is installed or not .(or need to restart the computer after install the network Port drive )

2.The network icon is shown as below means that the network connection is work correctly.


please power off the control card for 5 seconds, and then power on,about 50 seconds later, the network icon became like the above figure, and you will be find the device.

1) Turn off the firewall of the computer.
2) If the computer has 2 lan ports (including wireless), the connection control card network port and another network port IP can not be in the same network segment. (You can disable another network port or change another lan to another segment)

3) do not press the test button on the control card before the screen isconfigured, otherwise it will enter the test state, can not find that the device or device is occupied, can not enter the hardware settings. (If you accidentally press, please power off the control card to restart)

3. The device is still not found after troubleshooting the above problems,try to reset the control card .
reset setup
1. off the power ;
2.press the test button when power on ,then wait 30 second ,lossed the test button.


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