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Question 5 3G/4G indicator and judgment


1.Green constant Light

Normal working green light constant lightning.

2.The light is not lightning

1) Connect the network cable, the network cable is preferred, the lamp is notlightning;

2) The 3G/4G module is not detected and the light is notlightningt.

3. Red light flash

The SIM card cannot be detected and the red light flashes.

4. Red light constant Light

1) No signal, red light constant light;

2) sim card does not owe fees but no flow, red light constant light;

3) sim card arrears do not flow, red light is often lit.

5.yellow light constant light

1) binding server address or user name error;

2)  Do not connect to the server, yellow light constant light.
note:  needs to write the APN which can ask the SIM operator.

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