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Question 1 U-disk is not recognized

1. Check  the U-disk or USB extension cable if it is in poor contact.
The USB extension cable is generally 1.5 meters, not over than 5 meters.

2. Maybe the control card power supply voltage is low, generally need about 5V.

3.Format the U-disk to FAT/FAT32, and export the program again, plugged into the U-disk to the control card,
then restart the control card.

4.Replace the U-disk, such as: Sandisk, HP and so on.


5. Check if two or more mobile devices are plugged into your computer, and the program is not exported to the U-disk which plug in the control card.

6.if the screen show " USB NoFile/Error/Error1/Error2", the reason is as follows.
1) USB NoFile, no program file in U-disk;
2) Error,the width/hight paramters in screen setting  exceeds the control range of the controller;
3)Error1,U-disk files format error,need format to FAT/FAT32;

4)Error2,program is too large.

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