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Question 10 Network card directly connected to the computer, software can not find the card

Check as follows:
⑴. check the run and link LEDs on the control card blink or not;
⑵. Check that the local connection is connected or not, if should be a yellow exclamation point appears on the connection, and if a red fork appears on the network icon, indicating that the cable is not connected, or that there is a problem with the network cable, make sure the local connection status must be 100Mbps or above;
⑶. check the computer network port is disabled or the network port driver is not installed;
⑷. check the DHCP is turned on or not in system settings (turned off by default);
 ⑸. When a single machine is connected, change the IP address in the local connection to the 2 network segment (the default IP for lan port card is as shown in the figure:

⑹. no ticked single-Machine direct connection mode in communication settings 。

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