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Question 12 Wi-Fi signal is not good!

Using of the antenna is strong correlated with the surrounding environment.,No obstructions nearby(Especially conductive materials, such as metal, PCB, etc.),No strong electromagnetic interference in the surrounding space,In order to play its role in radiating and receiving distant signals.

1. External Antenna

1) Need to be installed on the outside of the screen; 
it is strictly prohibited to be placed inside the screen. Think of led display as the metal container,which will be very large extent the radio waves inside of the shield, causing wireless signal to weaken.

2) The patch antenna should not be attached to the metal surface as much as possible, and the suction cup antenna is not required.

The antenna requires a clearance of 3-5cm,if the patch antenna is attached to the metal,the frequency characteristics of the antenna are completely changed, and the original effect of the antenna is completely changed, which greatly affects the antenna effect. The antenna body of the suction cup antenna is a vertical column, and the surrounding area is basically a clearance area, which is not affected.


3) Antenna radiation area

Patch antenna:The front 180° signal is the best area, 180°on the back of the antenna is the worst area.

Sucker Antenna:The 360° signal around the antenna column is the best area,both ends of the antenna column are the worst signal areas.
2.Built-in antenna

The built-in antenna is the on-board antenna, and there is a clearance area at the end of the board, as shown in the red box section below.

The radiation direction of the antenna signal is as shown in the figure below. In actual use, it is installed according to the actual user's position.

Installation requirements are as follows:

1) The 3CM area above and below the red frame part belongs to the clearance area, which needs to be vacated.

2) Since the cabinet has a strong shielding effect on the wireless signal, it is best to install it in an open place when installing.

3) Cable, power lines do not cover the antenna portion.


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