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Question 10 What is the reason for 4G device offline/online frequently?

1.Log in the  account and click "Detail" in the device list to view the 4G information;

Network: LTE-FDD or TDD means 4G and the signal is good, but if 2G, it means the signal is bad and it will offline/online frequently.

Note: It is recommended to put the 4G antenna outside the box, preferably on the box/left/right, in the direction without metal shielding, so as to ensure a good signal;

2.Check that the SIM card is oxidized resulting in bad connect;
As shown in the figure below, SIM card quality is poor, especially in the outdoor, moisture is more, easy to be oxidized

If possible, customers are advised to use SIM CARDS with high gold-plated quantity or industrial grade SIM CARDS, as shown on the right of the figure below

3.Check the online and offline record. If online/offline are at the same time every day, it should be related to the power supply. Only on the hardware, power off and power on will be so punctual.

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