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Async box player

HD-A3 is a pure asynchronous sending box with Android platform, equipped with 1.6 GHz main control chip, 8 GB memory, Wi-Fi module. It has high performance, high stability and high cost performance.

Mode:HD-A3        Control range:655,360 pixels(1280*512)

Memory:8GB         Audio output:Support


HD-A3 Async box player

Max support 655,360 pixels LED display.
Support HD video hardware decoding.
Support 3G/4G/Wi-Fi Internet management.


Asyn large display sending card

Suitable for community information screens, advertising machine, advertising vehicles, etc.
A3 is sending box + receiving card infrastructure, can save a receiving card.

High-definition video hardware decoding

1.6GHz CPU, 8Gb memory, the smoothest video playback.
Support 1080P HD video hard decode,excellent video effect.
Support to store more than 4-hours HD video files.
Support import video by U-disk directly, play and plug.


HD-A3 Parameters.png

Download center

Download.ico   Software Download
Download.ico   A3 Spec
Download.ico   Instruction Manual

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