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HDPlayerV7.4.40.0Full color software, use for A60x/Ax/A30/A30+/Cx5/Cx0/Dx5/Dx0/D0x/T901 parameters setting, edit and upgrade program.
HDSetV1.6.0.2Setting software, use for the setting of Asynchronous ,synchronous sending card T901 and video processor VP210/VP410/VP620/VP820/VP1220/VP1620.
HD ShowV1.1.8.0Free professional control software,use for real-time play on computer screens.
HDPlayerV5.3.102.0(old) FullColor Controller Software(D10,D20,D30,C10,C30,A30,A30+,A601,A602,A603)
LedArtV1.2.2.1Software for HD-C1/C3

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