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Full Color Relay & Multi-functional card

The full-color relay HD-K524 and the multi-function card HD-Y1 support a variety of auxiliary functions, relays used with asynchronous controller, multi-function card used synchronous sending card.



Full Color Relay HD-K524

Full color relay support timing functions,

Support connecting the photosensitive probe to automatically adjust the brightness,

Support 6-way power switch control.


Full color relay HD-K524 only used for asynchronous controller.



Full Color Multi-functional Card HD-Y1

The full-color multi-functional card HD-Y1 is a multi-accessory device, it onboard temperature and humidity module is used to monitor the temperature and humidity inside the screen, Support connect external temperature and humidity sensors at the same time, support connecting the photosensitive probe to automatically adjust the brightness.

Support 8-way power switch control, support timing functions.


Multi-functional card HD-Y1 only used with synchronous sending card to used.



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