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HDPlayer Software Operation InstructionsV3.1The debugging instructions of HDPlayer software are suitable for the debugging of full color control card.
Manual for HDSet softwareV2.0Operation instructions of T901 / VP210/VP410 debugging software
Operation Instructions of LedArt (full color)V5.0Operation instructions of full-color asynchronous card mobile phone
LED display information management platform instruction manualV5.0Operational Instructions for Cloud Platform
Manual for S208 Multifunctional Sensor BOXV1.0Temperature, humidity, brightness, PM2.5, PM10, wind speed, wind direction, noise, remote control
HD Show Operating InstructionV1.0HD Show Operating Instruction
HD-A60X_Asyn-Syn_Operare_manualV1.0Simple operation instructions
Manual for Sensor of full-color control cardsV1.3Description of Full-color Control Card Connection (Temperature Sensor, Full-color Function Box S108, Luminance Sensor)
HD-D10 D20 D30 C10 C30 A30 Simple operating manual V1.2V1.2Simple operation instructions
RGB Asynchronous control card Wi-Fi solutionV2.0Operation instructions of full color asynchronous card computer with Wi-Fi control software
HD-VP620 and VP820 User ManualV1.02 in 1 video processor operating instructions
HD-VP1220 and VP1620 User ManualV1.0

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