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Smart LED Pole Screen Control Solution
Overview of the plan
In recent years, the construction of smart cities has continued to move forward, and the demand for smart light pole screens has increased. Due to the characteristics of eye-catching display effect, wide audience, high arrival rate, and remote easy management, LED pole display greatly improves the role of advertising and plays an increasingly important role in smart light pole projects. Multi-user welcome. The LED pole screen has the characteristics of small screen, large number and wide distribution, so how to manage the LED pole display screen simply and conveniently? Huidu Technology provides a complete control scheme for the LED pole screen.
Program Features

Solution Diagram:

Program introduction

The LED pole screen adopts 4G network or network cable to connect to the Internet, and realizes remote management, remote power supply and program release through XiaoHui cloud information release system. GPS and RF modules can realize multi-screen simultaneous playback, and the visual effect of advertising is more shocking. The sensor allows the display to automatically adjust the brightness, saving energy and protecting the environment.


 Solution Features:

Ⅰ. Remote management, cluster control

Multi-screen remote cluster control, no need to operate on site, simple and convenient.

. Remote switch power supply

Remotely control the power supply of the light pole screen, energy saving and environmental protection.

. Multi-screen synchronous display

Simultaneous multi-screen display improves the overall display effect and enhances the advertising effect.

. Free brightness setting

Timing brightness and automatic brightness adjustment, high brightness during the day, better display effect, low brightness at night, more energy saving.

. Group management, multi-level permission settings

The display screens are grouped by region, and the sub-accounts are designated for management without interfering with each other.

. Multiple review mechanisms

AI intelligent audit + manual audit, the program content is safer and the playback is more assured.

. Free anchoring

The cloud platform server is provided free of charge, and users do not need to self-organize the network, do not need to maintain themselves, and save costs.

Ⅷ. Three-level guarantee certification

The cloud platform has passed the third-level certification of Internet information security level protection, which is more secure.

Ⅸ. Docking with third-party systems

High compatibility, it has been perfectly connected to third-party systems such as Xiamen Baima and Shenzhen Cloud Voice


 LED Pole Screen Control System:

LED pole screen control card HD-C16C
HD-C16C is an asynchronous full-color control card for small and medium-sized LED displays, which supports remote cluster management over the Internet; remote control of the power supply remotely; 10 HUB75E interfaces onboard, which can be directly connected to the module; support for playing video, Program content such as pictures, texts, etc.

Control   range

120,000   pixels,384*320, the widest is 8192, the highest is 512


Ethernet LAN   port, 4G network (optional), Wi-Fi, USB.

Play   function

Videos,   pictures, animated GIF, text, clocks, timings, weather forecasts, and more

External   function

Temperature,   humidity, brightness, remote control, PM2.5, wind speed, wind direction,   noise, atmospheric pressure, etc.


Level   256-65536

Audio   output

Standard   3.5mm two-channel stereo output


4GB,   support U disk expansion

remote   switch

Standard   1-way relay switch

Module   loading

Support   conventional chips and mainstream PWM chips, any scanning method from static   to 1/64 scan

Other   functions

Support   multi-screen simultaneous playback

Supports   timed brightness, custom brightness and automatic brightness settings

Support   cascading receiving cards


 Accessories Description:

receiving card

Cascading sending cards, double-sided screen, one screen and one card, saving costs.
4G network communication module

Provide basic equipment for the control card to access the Internet, realize remote cluster management of LED displays, multi-screen synchronization and access to Internet weather information, etc.

Domestic support for China Mobile, Telecom, China Unicom (full Netcom).
Brightness sensor (HD-S107)

Brightness induction, realizes that the display screen automatically adjusts the brightness of the LED display screen with the brightness of the surrounding environment, saving energy and environmental protection.
RF synchronous playback module

The RF module based on LoRa technology realizes the simultaneous playback of multiple LED display contents.
GPS synchronization module

Use the method of satellite time correction to realize multi-screen synchronous playback, and choose one from the RF module.

At the same time support GPS positioning function.



The pole screen project in Xi'an adopts HD-C16C control, connects to the XiaoHui Cloud information release system through 4G to realize remote cluster management and help the smart light pole project.

The Wuhan Optics Valley light pole screen project adopts HD-C16C control, and is connected to XiaoHui Cloud information release system through 4G to realize remote cluster management.

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